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Phase 3 – Allowing the Other Person to Speak Your Truth

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The True Mastery of Friction-Free Conflict Resolution


Phase 3 of Allowing the Other to Speak Your Truth creates the most magical and gratifying result in the entire Speaking Your Truth process.

This is that unforgettable moment you have been waiting for —

when the other person you may have been at odds with finally Speaks Your Truth For You!

This often comes in the form of a sincere apology —

Watch Anderson Cooper report
about Virginia Governor Ralph Northam.
The governor apologizes for the harm he did
as a college student posing for a
highly-charged racist photo —

The 5 techniques you will learn in the Masterclass to effortlessly Have the Other Person Speak Your Truth For You are actually all used while you are talking.

This is as opposed to the Phase 1 breathing techniques, which you use while you are listening.

“I found that by allowing the other person to speak,
they resolve their own issue!”

“It’s almost like

“I learned to keep it very succinct . . .
and then to allow for the silence after
to allow the person to take in what I had said.”

“It’s amazing to watch this!
They’re expressing your truth
and all you need to do is sit there and listen!”

“It allowed me to focus on the other person,
and not so much on criticizing what they were saying.
That’s just an added bonus.”