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Phase 5 – Hitting the Nail on the Head

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The Days of People Trying to Walk Over You Are Numbered!

Only in approximately 5% of the cases will you ever need to engage one of the resistance-free techniques you will learn for Hitting the Nail on the Head. Approximately 95% of the time, your issue with the other person will be resolved after you use Phase 1, 2, 3 or 4.

In the occasional cases where you do need to employ Phase 5 of Hitting The Nail On The Head, you will easily get to the point without offending the other person.

In contrast, most people unfamiliar with The 5 Phases believe speaking their truth means being uncomfortably direct and even blunt. We have many expressions for this:

  • Telling the way it is
  • Being a straight-shooter
  • Laying it on the line
  • Winning at all costs
  • Taking the bull by the horns

Watch this brief clip from Phase 5 of the Masterclass
where Michael displays a famous line from
Dirty Harry to show how not to Speak Your Truth —

“Make My Day”
(NOT a 5 Phases phrase!!!)

This is the ironic thing:

This old-fashioned Take the bull by the horns and My Way or the Highway approach tends to create so much resistance and triggering of the other person, they often become even more rigid than before you said anything!

How to Stop a War Before It Starts

The problem with straight-shooting, is the other person tends to mirror you back …

Meaning, they want to shoot straight back!

And all that results is a shooting war.

In contrast, using The 5 Phases sequentially, the other person becomes increasingly open and receptive . . . even if Hitting the Nail on the Head is necessary.

This results in a much happier outcome where everyone’s needs are met.

Listen to Sherry’s touching story of how the graceful Hitting the Nail on the Head techniques from the Masterclass enabled her to avoid the resentment she would have felt if she hadn’t spoken her truth . . .

(And the other person was actually happy she did!)

“Many, many wonderful things happened
that would not have happened
had I not spoken my truth.”