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You Will Use The 5 Phases

Every single day and with every person in your life, you will find yourself using The 5 Phases and their many variations.Each technique brims with an atomic power all its own.Listen to Charles, Steve, Susanna and Erin describe using The 5 Phases everyday to resolve and avoid conflict and to create harmony in all their relationships —

“It would help in pretty much any situation,
from relationships, whether it’s your family,
significant others, even at work.”

“It’s important for every human being!”

“Anytime we can increase our communications skills
is going to help us in really every interaction
we have with anybody …
This is invaluable.”

“Techniques you will be able to use
for your entire life in any type of conversation.”

“Well this is something I use every day!”


The Benefits of Taking the Masterclass Together —


The Masterclass not only can save your next relationship …

it will begin transforming a good relationship into a great one.

By providing the tools for you to eliminate simmering resentments and arguments with one another —

the very thing that slowly erodes even the best marriages —

together you will create a fertile field for sustained love, harmony and mutual sharing.

Listen to Bob and Susanna describe how much of a difference The 5 Phases has made in their relationships (me being the lucky beneficiary with Susanna!) —


“With my wife and I both taking the workshop …
it’s just allowed things to
flow so much easier.”

“The more we incorporate this in our lives,
the better our relationship is.”

Here’s Everything You’ll Get With The Speaking Your Truth Masterclass


From the comfort of your own home, the Masterclass is designed to give you expertise from the first lesson onward in using The 5 Phases to head off arguments, diffuse away your repressed emotions and restore harmony with your significant others, family and in your business.

1 to 5 Minute Self Study Nuggets

Each of the 10 modules of the Masterclass (a quick 2 hours for each module) is broken down into easily digestible nuggets of approximately 1 to 5 minutes each.

So rather than being overwhelmed, you’re assimilating one simple and engaging concept at a time, building on the lessons you’ve watched previously.

Movie and Television Clips!!!


I spent 10 incredibly enjoyable months combing through thousands of favorite movie, TV and news clips to find the best ones to demonstrate each concept you’ll effortlessly assimilate and apply.

These entertaining clips make learning so much FUN, you may not be able to prevent yourself from going through the entire course in just 5 or 6 sittings!

Relaxed in your favorite chair, recliner or bed, you will soon begin the modules at your own comfortable pace — either binging like with your favorite Netflix series, not wanting to stop until you get to the end …

OR, taking your time, and meditating on the life-altering profundity of each 1 to 5 minute lesson.

Either way, you will have the pleasure of being able to enjoy each lesson over and over for the rest of your life.

BEWARE: You may find yourself biting at the bit to share your favorite lessons with your loved ones! Similar to the thrill of wanting to share your favorite movies with them.

Watch this sample from Module 1 to see how fun learning this way is —

This lesson contains a hilarious clip
from the wonderful movie
Fried Green Tomatoes.
It beautifully illustrates how, without The 5 Phases,
we all build up simmering resentments.
These slowly erode your most precious relationships —

90 Minutes per week


Michael Norwood

Each week, you will get together with me in a Zoom group video conference for 90 minutes.

“Michael should be up for the Nobel Peace Prize”

“I found the Monday classes fascinating.
I learned so much about myself.
Each Monday the understandings have been huge.”

“The way that he interacts and the way that he teaches
has been very effective in my life.”

“Michael is a great teacher!”

Each live weekly conference consists of 4 main parts:


      You will be able to ask and have all your questions answered regarding what you’ve been discovering in the online home-study portion of the course.

    • OPTIONAL ROLE PLAYING (in Breakout Rooms)

      For many students, this is their favorite part of the course!

      Each week, we review vital concepts for using each of The 5 Phases. You then can choose to watch or role play with other students real-life scenarios you may be encountering in your personal or professional life.

      This is done in completely private virtual breakout rooms in groups of 2 to 4 students per room.

      This gives you the opportunity to rehearse sensitive situations you may have been hesitant to confront with your significant others, family or professional associates. These sessions make the real conversation flow effortlessly once you’re ready to actually have it.

“It’s really useful to hear other people’s perspectives …”

By the end of the course, all the fine points and nuances for resolving and avoiding conflict, ridding yourself of repressed resentment, and creating harmony at home and at work will be second nature to you.

And in the process, you’ll have made many new friends and become part of our Speaking Your Truth Community.

(This includes a Facebook Group you can hop on outside of the weekly meetings any time you need some advice or companionship or a role-playing partner.)

“The breakout rooms are a good way
to make the knowledge our own,
to customize it, personalize it to ourselves.”


      If you need personal help in handling a particular situation, you will have the opportunity to be coached by Michael during the class. This may be for help with your significant others, a loved one, or for a challenging business situation.

      (Michael’s normal rate for private coaching ranges from $250 to $500 per session. So just a few times receiving Michael’s help during the weekly meetings can pay for the entire course.)

      What can happen from just one of these sessions, is not only will you have your current pressing conflict resolved, but your relationship can be transformed forever.

      Watching the coaching of other students can be equally invaluable.

      You see exactly how to apply the training and immediately can masterfully resolve many conflicts you may be facing.


      Each week, you and your co-attendees will be guided through a 10 to 20 minute spontaneous meditation Michael leads.

      In this higher and more receptive state, your neurology will be embedded with the friction-free and flowing fine points of each of The 5 Phases. These replace old dysfunctional behavior patterns with new healthy patterns that engender greater acceptance, joy and love with your significant others, family and friends.

      At the same time, these new behaviors create ever-expanding cooperation and teamwork with everyone in your professional life and business endeavors.

“The beautiful thing about the meditation
is that we internalize it.
We are making it our own.”

It’s about bringing in a new normal
that allows everyone to resolve their issues
and live in peace and harmony.”

Every Week… New Insights and Breakthroughs!


Each live weekly Zoom meeting is so enjoyable and applicable in making your relationships flowing and harmonious, they will become a favorite part of your week.

Most importantly, you’ll find your most precious relationships transforming into higher and higher levels of what you always dreamed (but perhaps had given up hope) of ever having.

And if you miss a session, no worries! It’s recorded for you to watch at your convenience.

All Masterclass Options Below Include:


  • 10 Video Modules (approximately 2 hours each) going in depth into The 5 Phases of Speaking Your Truth with your favorite movie, television and news clips…
  • 90 Minutes per week Live with Dr. Michael, including Role Playing, Q & A, Guided Meditation and Invaluable Personal Coaching…
  • Optional Rehearsing of sensitive situations you may be reluctant to confront, making the real conversation flow effortlessly once you’re ready to have it
  • Techniques and exercises for letting go of long-held repressed anger, frustration and resentment … for getting your needs met … bonding with your significant others, loved ones and professional associates … and deepening your relationships.
  • Discovering your life transforming into higher and higher levels of what you’ve always dreamed of having …

What’s The Price?


As already shared, if you were to engage me to privately coach you, my fees range from $250 an hour for personal issues, to as high as $500 an hour for high-stakes business challenges.

It’s a lot, but the results which people get in terms of saved relationships, multiplied productivity as well as the sheer mental and emotional relief of averting such things as divorce or legal action, can make it a Godsend. And extremely inexpensive by comparison.

In many cases, I’ve helped save my clients’ businesses and marriages. Or even got them out of legal messes, saving them tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in attorneys’ fees and potential judgments against them.

That’s why the regular price of $1200 for is such a great value. (Don’t worry if that sounds out of reach. There are extraordinarily affordable options for everyone — even options under $100.

With the Masterclass, you get all 10 Modules and all the weekly 90-minute Zoom meetings live with me for as long as 50 weeks.

I’ve noticed in conducting this Masterclass 2 things:

  1. To make it more affordable, some people prefer to start off with the very inexpensive self-study program and participate in just one sample Zoom meeting.
  2. The second thing is regarding my own deep sense of purpose:

    Knowing how the Masterclass can change not just individual lives, communities and companies, but even the world (now more than ever), I’m willing to forego just about all profit to make it completely affordable for anyone who deeply desires this transformation … for themselves, their family and the world.

So, depending upon what’s most fitting for you, you can adjust the price to one you are most comfortable with.

It’s very reasonably priced.

Go ahead and click the button here to choose the best price for you to take the next step in this life-altering new journey —

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I understand you may prefer to begin with a much shorter and inexpensive program than taking all 50 weekly live Zoom meetings with me.

(If you wish, you can sign up for additional weekly sessions later for just a little higher, yet still completely affordable, price.)

All The Masterclass Options Below Include:

  • 10 Video Modules (approximately 2 hours each) going in depth into The 5 Phases of Speaking Your Truth with super-fun Movie, Television and News Clips to make The 5 Phases simple and automatic for you to apply…
  • 90 Minutes Per Week Live with Dr. Michael, Including Q & A, Guided Meditation, Individual Coaching… and optional Role-Playing to —
  • Rehearse sensitive situations you may be reluctant to confront, making your real-life conversation flow effortlessly once you’re ready to have them
  • Discovering an authentic way for you to let go of any repressed anger, frustration and resentment after possibly years of stuffing it
  • Rather than risking alienating others, getting all your needs met while deeply bonding with your significant others, family and team, and actually deepening rather destroying your relationships …
  • Discovering your life transforming each day into higher and higher levels of what you’ve always dreamed (but perhaps had given up hope) of having …

A Three-Fold
35-Day Guarantee to You

The Speaking Your Truth Masterclass comes with 3 Zero-Risk Guarantees for 35 days from the date you begin the full Masterclass:


Your relationship challenges will naturally begin disappearing from the very first 1-5 minute lesson onward. If you don’t love all these videos and weekly live Zoom meetings, simply request and receive a full No-Questions-Asked refund.


This Masterclass will be one of the most (if not THE Most) entertaining, yet transformative experiences you’ve ever had. If it’s not, just request and receive a full refund.


You’ll begin letting go your repressed anger, resentment and frustration, ultimately transforming your relationships into higher and higher levels of what you’ve always dreamed, but perhaps had given up hope, of ever having. Again, if this doesn’t happen, immediately request and receive a full No-Questions-Asked full refund.

With our first meeting together with the group a hairsbreadth away, I’m already profoundly excited for you, .

I mean that from the heart.

This Masterclass is my life’s work.

I know how these 5 Phases of Speaking Your Truth have set others free.

You, , also finally can now begin letting go all past negative experiences, emotions and wounds . . . just as everyone has accumulated throughout their lives. (Especially women like yourself who are skilled enough to lead and manage others!)

All I ask is that you watch and listen to each simple lesson relaxed and attentively, and participate in the coaching, the guided meditations, the role-playing if you wish, and eventually, in helping many others.

You have 35 days to ensure The Speaking Your Truth Masterclass is everything you right this moment likely feel deep inside that it can do for you. Kindly select now the best price for you to get underway —

Once you become adept at the 5 Phases, let’s imagine just for a moment, a typical day …

  • You and your significant others looking deep in each others’ eyes with love that’s not conditional… love that’s not covering up repressed resentment.
  • Rather than any fear, greed or unresolved grudge getting triggered when you talk to your team, employees or partners at work, they know implicitly that your decisions are based upon their highest good and of the organization. They mirror that loyalty and passion back to you.
  • If you have children, rather than having to pull teeth getting them to do something, you have meaningful two-way conversations about what’s needed. You watch them grow up with the new skills you are modeling for them, saving them from so much of the stress and burdens you had to live with before now.
  • Your stomach is no longer tied up in knots when you have conversations with people who may not agree with you. You’re no longer harboring negativity. The days of “stuffing your feelings” are over.
  • When you do have an issue with someone, you often won’t even have to say a word — or just very few — for it to resolve effortlessly and friction-free.
  • Speaking Your Truth comes to you naturally, without you any longer having to worry about offending or alienating anyone. You actually look forward to having these truth-speaking conversations! And you enjoy the profound leadership skills you now naturally share with great luminaries such as Nelson Mandela, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, Gandhi and Martin Luther King.

End result? The 5 Phases of Speaking Your Truth can transform your life, making your world — and the entire world — a better place.

This is Your Chance To Change Your Destiny

Only you know the cost of not being able to have such deep, heartfelt and constructive conversations with people you may initially disagree with.

Maybe it’s your health — the stress and negative emotions causing you to wonder how much longer you can sustain this pressure, and feeling like you’re aging prematurely.

Maybe it’s your finances. Maybe problems with those your manage, those you report to, vendors and suppliers have created potential legal issues, not to mention burned a lot of bridges.

Right now, you have the opportunity to change the future. Creating a future where respect, harmony and common good are a way of life.

If you’re debating whether you should or shouldn’t sign up, just remember you’re protected by the Three-Fold Guarantee.

I eagerly look forward to you joining our movement today. For better or worse, the next conversation you have with someone can be the one that changes EVERYTHING for you.