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The 5 Phases Summary

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The 5 Phases
of Speaking Your Truth
for A Married Woman in Management

The 5 Phases are:

  1. Holding the Space:
    Four completely natural techniques for having your intention speak louder than words

  2. Speaking the Other’s Truth First:
    The seven effortless keys of this Phase create automatic alignment and rapport

  3. Allowing the Other to Speak Your Truth:
    Five powerful yet simple secrets that create the opportunity for the other person’s point of view to align with yours resulting in spontaneous unity, harmony, cooperation and collaboration

  4. Using Questions of Grace:
    Three simple types of questions to gently lead the other in the natural direction of agreement and cooperation

  5. Hitting the Nail on the Head:
    Four friction-free techniques for easily getting to the point and putting an end to undesirable behavior without making the other person reactive or defensive

As opposed to the typical blunt My Way or the Highway Approach, in all successful relationship and business negotiations you’ll find these 5 Phases of Speaking Your Truth at work.

That stated, there are many nuances and subtleties to gently opening up the other person to where they become so receptive, your ideas are welcome, rather than rejected or ignored.

This is why I’ve created…

The Speaking Your Truth Masterclass

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Listen to 10 of our students, men and women from around the world, share their journey learning and applying each of The 5 Phases to their lives —

Erin Burkett, PhD

“This course is helping me …
being able to take more control of how I’m
feeling and reacting in different situations.”

Susanna Holt
World-Renowned Sculptress

(and Michael’s Significant Other)

“I think that our relationship thrives
as a result of practicing these 5 Phases.”

Steve Simmons
(Senior Mortgage Loan Officer)

“The personal relationships that I have
utilized the information in this course
have healed, and also, my business relationships
. . . through the roof!”

In this 10-module Masterclass, you’ll discover how to use the The 5 Phases of Speaking Your Truth to:

  • Dissolve stress with your husband
  • Soften unreasonableness with family members (including parents and children!)
  • Set boundaries that will be respected
  • Make your home life filled with joy again

At work, you will begin having at your fingertips the skills to:

  • Resolve conflicts with those you manage, team members and those you report to
  • Remove resistance with customers and in key negotiations
  • Build powerful teams to accomplish your goals

Raelene Coad
(Counselor and Author)

“The course is fun.
It’s challenging. And It’s Magic!”

Ellie Fuss
(Administrator for Telos Australia)

“The 5 Phases of Speaking Your Truth is
absolutely important for creating a better
communicative playing field for all.”

Larry Rosenberg, PhD
Retired Marketing Professor, Star of The Larry Show


“It is worth taking this course …
because I want to have a better life.”

These 5 Phases will have a profound and lasting impact on your personal and professional life. For a moment, let’s really appreciate the power (and at the same time, subtlety) of each of The 5 Phases of Speaking Your Truth in this life-changing Masterclass.