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Your 5 Phases of Speaking Your Truth
Master Class Includes:

  • 10 Video Modules (approximately 2 hours each) going in depth into The 5 Phases of Speaking Your Truth with super-fun-Movie, Television and News Clips to make. The 5 Phases simple and automatic for you to apply…

  • 90 Minutes Per Week Live with Dr. Michael, including Q & A, Guided Meditation, Individual Coaching…and optional Role Playing to…

  • Rehearse sensitive situations you may be reluctant to confront, making your real-life conversation flow effortlessly once you’re ready to have them.

  • Discovering an authentic way for you to let go of any repressed anger, frustration and resentment after possibly years of stuffing it.

  • Rather than risking alienating others, getting all your needs met while deeply bonding with you significant other, family and team, and actually deepening rather destroying your relationships…

  • Discovering your life transforming each day into higher and higher levels of what you’ve always dreamed (but perhaps had given up hope) of having…

“It would help in pretty much any situation,
from relationships, whether it’s your family,
significant other, even at work.”

“Anytime we can increase our communications skills
is going to help us in really every interaction
we have with anybody …
This is invaluable.”

“I believe that Michael Norwood’s 5 Phases
are desperately needed in today’s society. . .”

“Well this is something I use every day!”

“Techniques you will be able to use
for your entire life in any type of conversation.”